Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Volcano Alert!

What would you grab if you were given no warning and only had two minutes to pack a bag? In Year 4 we did just that! We asked parents to surprise their children with the instruction that they had to evacuate quickly and that they didn't know when they would be returning home. Without parental help, the children made their choices about what they would take with them, with some surprising and not-so-surprising results! Here we are showing our partner just what was in our bag:


Here is a closer look at the contents of some of our bags:

We had a lot of fun sharing this experience with each other.


  1. Hi! Nice to see your new blog Y4. This looks quite fun. In Y5 our topic is the brain.
    What is your topic?

  2. Thanks Pablo. If this blog is half as good as last year's I'll be delighted.

    Our topic is "Active Planet". We're doing work about volcanoes at the moment. Have you seen the one we're making in the activity room?