Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pâte amande

On the weekend I made some monsters with "pâte amande".
You might want to estimate how many there are.
Here is a picture...

It was very fun to make.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Music and words for animal creation

In music with Mr Davidson 4G have been creating music for Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf - the moment when the animals are created. We went on to begin the movements that should go with the music, and the words to be said. Here below is the music and the words we've created in our groups:






Today we learnt a little about Borneo.
Part of Borneo is part of Indonesia, part of Borneo is part of Malaysia and part of Borneo is Brunei.
The green part is rainforest
Can you see what is happening in the aerial photo?
Oil palms are planted where the rainforest was
Of course, the orangutans have nowhere to live now! We watched a video of Willie Smits, who started to look after orphaned orangutans, and also to plant forest again.
With the help of a school in Borneo he started the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation to help rescue orangutans.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Should they make a wolf?

4B also debated the creation of the wolf.  Here are our reasons both for and against it.
We then used some of these reasons in our conscience alley...


Mr Gregg mentioned our work on Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf on Twitter - and heard back from author David Almond and illustrator Dave McKean:

Recently Mr Gregg tweeted again, and got another reply from David Almond:

What am I?

a Bird-eater
a high-jumper
a fast-runner
a meat-eater
a insect-squasher
a rare-species
a good-hearer
a man-eater
an animal-killer

What am I?

A fruit – eater
A loud– squeaker
A branch – hopper
A banana – searcher
A great – laugher
A cute – smiler
A tree – jumper
A wonderful – banana stealer
A funny – speechlesser
A high – swinger

What am I?

A squawking-rainbow
A branch-stander
A sky- flyer
A rainbow- squawker
A forest-talker.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Opérations Pièces Jaunes

During the last 2 weeks we collected money for " Pièces jaunes ".
The operation Pièces Jaunes aims at improving the life of the hospitalized children and teenagers.
- To move closer families to the hospital => development of 2 477 rooms mother-child, construction of 48 houses of the parents …
- To develop the knowledge and the leisure activities
=> Financing of 181 projects of school equipment, creation of 353 playing areas, 594 rooms of entertainment …
- To fight against pain
=> Financing of 1 127 pumps of analgesia checked since 1989 …
- To improve the comfort in the hospital => 496 projects of decoration were financed in the last 25 years.
- To help teenagers
in pain => Creation of 60 houses for teenagers in 22 regions of France.

Today was the important moment of handover.

Thanks to you we were able to collect  :

5,4 kg of coins 

€ 147,63

What collective success !!!

Huge thank you to you all !

Kenning by Macy

An animal-hunter
A stripy-stalker
A growling-worker
A white-runner
A predator-scarer
A river-swimmer
A fast-eater
A white and black-roarer

I’m a Bengal tiger!

What am I

 A worm-eater
A multi-coloured-glider
An amazing -squawker
A clever-copycat
A great-talker
A fruit-chewer

   Put these together 
                                                                          I'm a parrot

Meanwhile the gods...

Up in the clouds
the gods
were relaxing
 and complementing each other:

Fraction Fortress

Here's 4G, playing Fraction Fortress:

Our rainforest

Thanks to Miss Whittaker, our rainforest display in the corridor is looking brilliant! There's the leaves we printed, the animals we painted, and some of the first poems we wrote:

Make a wolf?

Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf

But now the children want to make a wolf...
We had already discussed whether it was a good idea for the children to create new animals:
Today, we discussed whether we thought making a wolf was a good idea and why. We had different ideas:

We talked about our reasons more, and then made a Conscience Alley to give Sue and Harry our advice:
What would you advise, and why? If you were in the discussion, have you thought of anything else to add?

Filling Holes

In David Almond and Dave McKean's Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf the children see holes in the world the gods have made.  And they can see things in those holes, things that take shape in their minds. Little Ben sees a hole and a creature gradually takes shape in his mind - a mouse!
We imagined what we might see in holes left in creation. We made the images of these creatures appear inside our heads, and created pictures in the style of Dave McKean.

Toucan Kenning

A silent - seer
A massive- eater     
A clumsy - flyer
A colorful-bill
A black – body
A blue - tail
A beneficial-beak
A playful - creature
A fruity - nibbler
A gregarious - bird 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Three a̶w̶f̶u̶l̶ awesome mistakes

Mr Gregg drew this shape with Geogebra:
and asked, "What do you notice?"
We wrote things down on whiteboards:
"It's a hexagon."
"It's an L."
"There's all right angles."  - "No, what about E?" - "All right angles except E."
"It's an irregular hexagon."
"All lines - no, most lines - are different."

And then, Anabel:
"It's made of a rectangle and a square."
Some people disputed this claim. We decided it was wrong. But it made us see that the L was made of two rectangles.
Well done Anabel!

We noticed the side lengths marked on. We worked out another side length for the side AB: 11. We estimated AF and ED - most of us thought they were 3 long.

And then Samyak:
"BF is 11 too."
The red diagonal line in the picture below. 
Mr Gregg drew a circle with it's centre at B, and stretching as far as F.
We could see that the diagonal line was longer than AB now.
So Samyak was wrong, a little wrong anyway. But he had got us looking at the diagonal lines.
Well done Samyak!
We left this, and went on to look at Christopher Danielson's Which One Doesn't Belong? book.
The idea is to chose a shape and say a way in which it's the odd one out. We had lots of ideas.

And then Marie: 
"I think the top left one is different because it has no lines of symmetry and the others do have them."
We looked closely.
Most people thought it did have lines of symmetry. Three, in fact.
And, after some discussion we agreed that the "diamonds" have two lines of symmetry, and the square has four. So Marie was wrong. But she'd got us thinking about lines of symmetry.
Well done Marie!

All three of these "mistakes" turned out to be reminding us about another thing to notice. Mr Gregg said because they were so good he was going to remember them and write them down. 
And now he has. From now on he's going to be looking out for how mistakes are actually a good thing! not a̶w̶f̶u̶l̶ ... awesome! 

What am I?

By Jaime

What Am I?
  • A stain skin.
  • A trees climber
  • A meat eater
  • A mammal animal
  • A very fast runner.
  • A four legs athlete
  • A jungle inhabitant
  • A hunter specialist.
  • A very soft skin.