Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Jack and Lilo, Y4 Lions

There's a new Year 4 blog, set up by Miss Whittaker. It's all about Lilo and Jack, our Y4 lions. She's written the first post about our trip to the Auvergne with the lions. You'll be able to get to this blog by clicking the Jack and Lilo tab up above.


During this summer vacation in India, I bought two love birds and named them as Achuma and Achugund and they were really sweet. I can’t see them anymore but my grandparents can show them to me by skype.
Achuma and Achugund are really really really NAUGHTY! They do things like taking the food we have kept for them and knocking it down and when Achuma is sleeping Achugund pokes Achuma with its beak and doesn’t let Achuma SLEEP!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Longest One Word Place Name in Europe

Anglesey is an island that is in North Wales. It is where the place with the longest name in Europe is. There are 58 letters in the name.


It is usually shortened to Lanfair P.G or Llanfairpwll as these are easier and quicker to say!!!

It means "Saint Mary's Church in a hollow of White Hazel near the swirling whirlpool of the church of Saint Tysilio with a red cave."

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Trip to the Japanese Garden

On Sunday 19th October me, Aled, Gwen and my Mum and Dad went to the Japanese Garden in Toulouse. It was really nice there! There was a little Japanese building, and a bridge.We saw lots of Koi Carp, which are really big Japanese fish that are can be white and orange or brown.
These are some pictures I took in the garden.

Friday, 17 October 2014

The first dog to do the splits

My dog is a labrador he is cute and cuddly. And he is the first dog to invent the splits. And also he is only two years old and I think that it hurts.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Our Auvergne Trip 3

What a fantastic trip! Well done to all of Year 4 for making it so excellent! Here we are, making our special Massif Central sign!
Some photos of today:

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Our Auvergne Trip 2

We were ready for our evening meal when we got back from the volcano.
We showered and wrote and drew our postcards, and then settled down to watch part of a DVD ("Kiki's Delivery Service), then headed off to bed.

In the morning we were up bright and early and now we've had our breakfast.
We're just about to set off for Volcania. It's raining, but luckily most of Vulcania is indoors!

Our Auvergne Trip 1

We had a great journey up. We had our special volcano booklets, lots of games and quizzes, and even a DVD to watch on the bus! We stopped for our snack and a quick play at a service station then headed off to our volcano, Puy de Vichatel.

There we were met by our guide, Vinciane, who took us up the volcano and told us all about the things we saw on the way.

Here's a slide show of the afternoon:

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Our jam sandwich algorithms

Today we began our work on algorithms by looking at how to give very precise instructions, this time to a very unintelligent robot that needed to be told exactly what to do. We tried to use these words:

Here's an example of the results:

My Opposite Dragon

My dragon is an opposite dragon.
Everything he does is totally opposite to me.
When he laughs bad things happen
When he cries good things happen

He eats his water and drinks his food
He flies upside down because he hates heights.
He blunts his claws on scissors.
His teeth are soft like marsh mellows.

He shrinks instead of growing
He hates his friends and likes his enemies.
His eyes sparkle like blue diamonds
He gives off powerful strength signals

His scales are as smooth as stones
His roar is as loud as a volcano erupting
But is the kindest dragon ever
He is the most amazing dragon ever

Tell me about your dragon!

By Glyn

My Dragon

My dragon is a pond dragon.
He plays and jumps with the frogs.
He was born in the sea, but he likes ponds.
He is called Bob.
Tell me about your dragon?

My Dragon

My dragon is a frost dragon
Her breath is made of snow, and she feels when there’s a sudden move, she protects me when I’m asleep and her scales are as white as snow.

She only eats rosemary and rose petals
And her eyes are sapphire blue with green dots
She loves to cuddle yet she is not warm
she cools me on a hot day.

Her name is snowflake
She lives in the cold
Her nest is made of ice
I love my dragon.

Tell me about your dragon.
By Rose

My Diamondi Dragon poem

My dragon is a magic dragon
He can scare monsters away.
He is made of really light blue diamonds
He can also fight monsters.

With his magic he does my homework
In fact all the things I want him to do
He is good and friendly
He is my best friend.

My dragon eats salad
It makes him brave
His claws are like cat’s claws
But he folds them away.

His name is Diamondi.

Tell me about your dragon.

By Javier

The Ice Fire Dragon

My dragon is an Ice Fire dragon
Her body’s colours are
From snowy white to creamy pink
And from creamy pink to blood red.

Her front legs are a greyish white
But her back legs are pinky red
Her tail is also greyish white
Her fins are also pinky red
And her eyes are jet black.

When it’s winter she keeps me warm
And when it is summer
She keeps me cool
But when the temperature is good
She sleeps under my bed on a clump of pillows.

She’s a very fussy eater
She only eats ice-cream
She likes to sit in the oven
And likes to lie down in the fridge.

We dance in the stars together
Doing loop-the-loops
She drops me and catches me
And it feels like I’m flying.

By Angiolina

My white cloud dragon

My dragon is made of fluffy white clouds,
She eats pink clouds!
You can see the sunrise in her sapphire eyes
All night we play cloud ball
Amongst the sky in the moonlight in the star

I love my dragon.

Tell Me about Your Dragon

By Chloe Lareng

My School Dragon

My dragon is a school dragon
She helps me with my work
My dragon's name is Lucy
My dragon is made of shimmering scales.

By Olivia


My Dragon

He is as hot as the sun and as furious
As a tornado but only to who I want!
He is made from magma and gas,
And when he is angry he bleaches
Lava like a volcano.

All night he flies into
The magma chamber of a volcano

Monday: Mount Edna
Tuesday: Mount Ontake
Wednesday : Mount Vesuvius
Thursday : Mount Fuji
Friday: Mount Saint Helens
Saturday: Cotopaxi
Sunday: Eyjaffjallajokull

by Sebastian

My Milky Way Dragon

My dragon is a space dragon
He is 2 years old
He loves to eat the moon
His eyes are humongous
Like the milky way

He is as big as my arm
When my dragon laughs
The whole of the world shakes
My dragon is yellow and blue
His tail grabs the moon
To eat it up.

Together we fly though the stars
His wings are as massive as rainbows
When he is sleeping
He curls around my pillow
With one eye on the door.

His name is Milky way
Tell me about your dragon.

by Imogen

My Space Dragon

My dragon is a space dragon
He is made from the water of planets
He eats good feelings
He drinks gleaming liquid gold.

His claws are moonlight
Shiny and as hard as diamonds
His eyes are a yellow explosion
His eyebrows look like smoke.

I fly with my dragon.

My Water Dragon

My dragon is a water dragon
He flicks his tail as he swims
And he spits water fountains.

His eyes are like diamonds
His teeth are as sharp as a lion's
And as big as the world.

When he flies he darts through the air
His wings are like a tornado
He sways from side to side

by James

My dragon poem

My dragon is a dream dragon.
Every night he makes up my dreams,
He makes sure they are sweet.
My dragon eats nothing at all,
Except for scraps.

He is as small as my first finger.
He is as soft as a pillow.
And when he makes my dreams
He cuddles up with me.

My dragon is as nice as dreams
Together we go to the dream world
Every Friday I have pizza,
And he has dragon dream pizza.
When I’m sleeping he sits on my shoulder
And he breathes in my ear like a little, tiny tickle
He likes to hide behind my hair
He means a lot to me!

Tell me about your dragon.

By Macy

My Dragon

My dragon is a snow dragon
His eyes glow in the dark
He is made of white snow
His claws leave footprints in the snow.

My dragon eats fluffy white snowflakes
His teeth shine like diamonds
He curls up like a snake
He has a long tail
His tail is as long as a river.
My dragon lives in Antarctica
When he is angry he will freeze you
His breath is frozen solid ice
He loves to eat huge fish
And fluffy clouds

My dragon loves to play about
He loves to tell me stories 
He likes to tell jokes
He enjoys joke books
He reads to me
Together we ride around.

My dragon is always thinking
About his parents
Every night my dragon
Curls up around my pillow
His teeth are as sharp as a knife
His spine is all bumpy

When it rains he will go out
And will have some fun
If there was dragon school, he’d go to it!
My dragon is called Luke.

Tell me about your dragon.

By Leonie


My Snow Dragon

My dragon is a snow dragon
She is made from snowflakes
And ice mountains
Her eyes sparkle like a blue ocean.

My dragon eats crisp cold, snow
All night she flies with the smooth wind
Together we fly over the clouds!

By Lucia

My Enchanted Dragon

My dragon is a clever dragon
So she can do my homework.
All night she comes into my dreams
So she can protect me from monsters
And I won’t get scared.

My dragon is as big as the Eiffel Tower
Her eyes are as blue as a sapphire
Her wings are as yellow as the sun
She is as colourful as a rainbow
She is made of gold and silver.

She eats candy floss, candy, carrots
And roots of stars and clouds.
When she laughs petals from flowers
Come out and transform into gold.

When she cries water comes out of her eyes
Like a river shivering in the eye.
When she breathes, diamonds come out.

When I want to buy something and I really want it
My dragon brings money from her house
And I can buy them. 

By Vanisha

My Dragon

My dragon is an invisible and powerful dragon
He is made of everything
He is so powerful he can turn
Anything he wants into
Happy things.

He keeps me warm at night
And protects me all the time.

He is very strong and
Can lift the world up high 
For a hundred hours  
Without giving up.
He is a clever dragon
He can cook pancakes for breakfast
With fried eggs on toast
Just for me and my family.

By Kayla


My dragon is a colour dragon
She is made of beautiful, shiny colours
She is always gentle.

My dragon only eats pink stars
Her tail is sapphire blue and ruby red
She is big as a mansion house.

When she laughs petals
Come from her mouth.
She keeps me safe from monsters

All night she takes me to the Rainbow Land
Her name is ENCHANTIA.



By Shriya

My Nether Dragon

My dragon is an infer dragon
He is the King of black skeletons
With gleaming, sharp swords.
He is made of the finest infer blocks
His eyes are made of the brightest glow stones
He protects me from zombies and great spiders.
When we fly through the infer
Lots of little infer dragons fly
With us through our magic portal.

By Andrés

Monday, 13 October 2014


What is the smallest number that has two and five as factors?
 Yes, ten.
 How about the smallest number with two, three and five as factors?
 Yes, thirty. (Mr Gregg had cut some special thirty-rods.)

We had no fifteen rods. Can you see how we've made fifteen?
Oops, we've missed one... six is a factor too!
Now let's make a factor tree of thirty...