Monday, 23 March 2015

Voices in the Park: 2nd Voice

We're reading Anthony Browne's picture book Voices in the Park. Today we focused especially on the 2nd Voice.

We looked at the change between these two pictures. They've been to the park and Smudge has cheered dad up a lot:

The changes are a metaphor for what has changed in dad's feelings. here we are talking about what we noticed in 4G:

We wrote some sentences about the change too:

AlonsoDad had felt bored, but now he was cheerful.Windows had been grey but changed shape after and turned colourful.
GabrielleDad had felt awful, but smuge made him happy.
NoemieDad had been sad; now he was joyful.What had been damage; was now a beautiful place.
AlyaDad felt jobless and grumpy, but Smuge made him cheerfull.
RodrigoAt first dad felt bored, now he was the happiest gorila in the
What had been two sad paintings were now alive.
MarieDad had felt miserable but now he was enjoying things.The trees had been dead but now they were alive and beautiful. The pictures had been sad, but on the way home they were dancing.
Aditi Dad had felt dull, but now he was very cheerfulAt first he had been dim and now he was happy. At first the trees were bending and now the trees were twinkling
JamesDad had felt dreadful; now dad felt like superman.
GraciaDad had been feeling pathetic and jobless, but now he was joyful  and energetic
 What had been two sad pictures are now two happy people
CristinaHe had been unable to forget his sadness, but now he was feeling powerful.The dead trees were now with lanterns and the sad paintings were in love, all because of Smudge.
LuciaDad had felt bored, but now he was feeling fineThe trees had been dead, but now they had lanterns.
Samyak He had felt bored, but now he cheered up a lot.The lamppost was a local thing then it turned into a great big flower when he felt happy and all the trees were brighter than usual.The Mona Lisa was a statue then it started to dance.
NoahAt first he had been very bored and dull  but now he felt over the moon, all cheerfull.The streets had been dusty and the trees had been all dead with no leaves, but now the streets were clean and the trees are blossoming.
HollyDad had been grumpy, but now he'd cheered up lots.Dad had been gloomy, but now, Smudge cheered him up by talking to him, and also, the suroundings had gone from sad and gloomy, to happy and cheerful.
AnabelDad had felt pathetic;now he was energetic.But now what was a dying tree was now a tree with christmas lights all around.

Did you notice any more changes?

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