Sunday, 30 November 2014

Estimation: How many pieces are in this puzzle?

Try to estimate how many pieces are in this puzzle.

To know the answer click on the video bellow.

Estimation: Counting Straws

How many straws are on the table? Can you guess it?
I am going to give you a clue. Let's classify them.
Do you need more help?

Click here.

Do you have the answer now?
Watch this video if you still don't have the answer:

How many DVDs are there?

This should be fairly simple to estimate. How many are there?

Count down begins...!!

The Christmas count down begins from Monday... 
I have set up a Christmas tree with lights and danglers and now it look really pretty.
I look forward to open my Advent Calendar everyday.

Hama bead estimation

How many beads are in this box?
Please write the comment before looking at the answer.

Lego: Great Ball Contraption

Someone had a lot of Lego, and a lot of spare time:

Estimation of Candles arranged in a pattern

Can you estimate the number of candles which are
arranged in a particular pattern.

In the attached video, I have explained the calculation of actual count using matrix.

I also added a link to the worksheet where I calculated the total.  Please click this link.

Estimation: How many Kaplas?

How many Kaplas do you think there are?

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Estimation: How many Erasers in the Box?

How many erasers are in the box?

Estimation: How many beads are in the jar?

A full jar has 140 beads in it.
How many beads have I left in the jar now?
Please estimate what you think and leave a comment.

You can also try estimate the percentage of beads left in the jar.

To see the answers click HERE.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Estimation: How many little Oreo boxes in the big box?

How many of the little Oreo boxes came in the big box?
What would be a number that's definitely too small? Too big?

Once you've estimated, and left a comment, click here to see the answer.

Bonus question, once you know the answer: how many Oreos would be in the big box altogether (before they were eaten)?

Restos du Coeur

For the seventh year, Year 12 and 13 students have decided to support the Restaurants Du Cœur foundation, which provides meals for the homeless and disadvantaged during winter. As part of this, we aim to provide fresh fruit and vegetables for the charity. Collected food will be taken to a local centre in Pibrac. Collections will take place on Mondays all day and Tuesdays before 8.40am in both the Primary and Secondary buildings.

If you want to help, here's what you can bring and when:

1st/2nd December
8th/9th December
15th/16th December

Tuesday 6th January
12th/13th January
19th/20th January
Zucchinis (= Courgettes!)
26th/27th January

Friendship soup

We're busy writing recipes for Friendship Soup:
We've all written a class recipe too:

4G Friendship Soup


10 teaspoons of teamwork
50g of honesty
1 litre of liking each other (warm)
300 g of cheekiness
2.5 ml of sadness
500 ml of attention
A handful of helping
2 packets of compromising
400 g of laughter
900 g of respect
1 kg of chocolate fun


First, melt the chocolate fun in the pan. Then, pour in the honesty, respect and laughter. Next, pour in the liking and attention. Boil for 20 minutes. Then let it cool. Meanwhile, mix the other ingredients together in a bowl. Tip them into the pan and finally heat all of it together.

Serve in a heart-shaped bowl. Enjoy!


We've been looking at hexagons this week, and making our own using Geogebra and changing some using these Geogebra models.

One of the things we've looked at is what kind of angles they have at their corners.
Here's a slide show of some of our work:

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Estimation: How many of the plastic packets of Oreos are there in the box?

How many of the plastic packets of Oreos are in the box?
What would be a number that's definitely too small? Too big?

Once you've estimated, and left a comment, click here to see the answer.


How can you say this? It´s a tongue-twister in Spanish.

Doña Trico Tricotosa
Tricotaba sin parar.
Con su triqui, trique, traque.
Con su triqui, trique, tran.
¿Qué tricotas Tricotosa?
Yo tricoto un tricotal
Con mi triqui, trique, traque.
Con mi traque, trique, tran.

Can you show me any tongue-twister in English?

My cat, Dizzy

My cat, Dizzy is  funny, cute and a little nutty . She is a black, short-tailed cat with a pink collar and amber coloured eyes. She can be a little nutty at times because she runs around, crashing into doors and chasing her tail like a dog...but she is still so adorable! Her full name is Dizzy Owens Meow The II. Her favourite things to do are to watch the bubbles in a glass of cola and sleeping. I think she is the best pet ever - I would also like a pug though!!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Estimation: How many Oreos in the packet?

How many Oreos would you estimate in this packet?
What would be a number that's definitely too small? Too big?

Don't watch the video until you have made an estimate!

Making Geostrips

Today we made geostrip hexagons.

Hexagons are shapes with 6 sides.  They are regular if all the sides are the same
length and all interior angles are equal.

The one above is not a regular hexagon.  It is irregular.  Can you see why?

Here are some more photos of us making our geostrip hexagons.

Making machines

We've been bringing in lots of "bits and bobs" ready to make fanciful machines. We wanted there to be moving parts. Rather than start off drawing, we had a look at all our material and in groups thought about what it might make. Not easy...

To be continued...

Electricity Safety

We've been creating posters to make people aware of the dangers of electricity.
Here's a slideshow:


Miss Whittaker is up on the ladder putting numbers up around the room. Can you spot the "deliberate mistake"?
Can you say which numbers here are prime numbers?