Saturday, 4 July 2015

My Amazing New Sweet

One day, I went and visited my uncle. He is my favourite uncle because he works in a chocolate factory. His job is to make exciting new sweets with personality.
Each time I visit him he gives me a new sweet. All I have to do is to try them and say what I think.
This time, he gave me a new sweet, called a Floaty Fizzer. When he put it in my hand, I thought it looked like a normal sweet. It had a dark pink wrapper with the words Floaty Fizzer on it in yellow.
I carefully unwrapped it. It still looked like an ordinary sweet. It was a pale pink rectangular bar with little holes in it that looked like bubbles.
“What does it do?” I asked.
“You just have to wait and see,” he replied.
I put it up to my nose and smelt it. It smelt like sour strawberries. Still normal.
“Taste it, and see what happens,”my uncle said.
 I bit into the bar. At first it was quite hard, but then it became soft after chewing.
It was fizzy and sweet and it tasted like fresh strawberries. On my tongue, I could feel little bubbles.
When I finished the whole bar, I felt myself lifting off the ground.
My uncle said “Quickly! Go inside before you float away!”
But it was too late. I was already in midair!
I had to hold onto the roof to avoid floating away.
“Don’t worry; it will wear off in a minute.” Said my uncle.
It better do!” I said in a weird high-pitched voice.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you that all of the Helium in your body makes you have a weird high pitched voice that makes you sound like a duck.”
Aaaaaah!” I said again weirdly.

1 minute later…

Eventually, I drifted back down to the ground.
“What do you think?” asked my uncle.
“I loved it! It was amazing!”
“Do you want another one?”
NO WAY!!! It was really fun, but I was also terrified.”

What a lovely uncle.


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  1. You built up to that really well, Holly! Those sweets would have to come with a health warning: "Only eat indoors. Or attached to a rope."

    I love it that you're still writing for us on the blog!