Sunday, 5 July 2015

My fabulous minion Ice cream

One day when I came back from my swimming pool I asked my dad "can I have an Ice cream"He nodded. So I opened the fridge and saw ...  A giant banana  shaped Ice cream!I took it straight away and had a bite off it. Suddenly...I felt dizzy, fizzy and small , I took a look at myself, I was all yellow so it meant .....

    I had turned into a....

              A MINION!!!!!!

I looked more or less like:
I'm  quite glad to be a minion now, guess what I m thinking of...?


  1. Ha, ha! I can kind of imagine you as a minion, Gracia!

  2. You would be Kevin the minion because
    you are tall and you have two eyes!☺

  3. We are in Grade 6 now we are looking back at our old blogs, Gracia finds this really funny