Friday, 13 March 2015

Remember to forget

Some children noticed this sign on the calculator. It's really not a Year 4 thing. Don't worry about it.
So as to put everyone's mind at rest we explained it in class. But only so that we can now forget about it. If your Year 5 teacher asks whether you ever learnt about square roots, just stare at them blankly, with possibly some puzzled shaking of the head. The take-home message is this: "Forget about square roots."


  1. I won't forget square root Mr Gregg

  2. Oh dear, oh dear...
    Well at least you're probably the only one.

  3. No because you have remind us with the post (ahahahah) to everybody.

  4. OK you Javier (and Samyak) - keep it quiet, won't you? Let's hope everyone else forgets properly!