Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Urban Landscapes - L S Lowry

L. S. Lowry (Laurence Stephen Lowry) was an English artist born in Lancashire, in the North-West of England.

Many of his drawings and paintings depict Pendlebury, the place where he lived and worked for more than 40 years.
Lowry is famous for painting scenes of life in industrial cities in the mid-20th century.

He developed a distinctive style of painting and is best known for his urban landscapes that show simple human figures - often referred to as "matchstick men" due to the way he painted them.

We looked at some of Lowry's paintings and chose one to copy.

We had already looked at drawing cubes and cuboids in Maths and we had to think about 'perspective' to give our pictures the feeling of depth and that some buildings were further away than others. This was quite tricky, but we tried hard and we have created some lovely work.

Some of us even had time to be inspired and sketch and paint our own urban landscapes in the style of L.S. Lowry!

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