Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Ribon tail astrapia

The ribbon-tailed astrapia is the most recently discovered bird-of-paradise. It is medium-sized bird and its body is velvet black.
The male has an iridescent olive green and bronze plumage, and is adorned with ornamental "ball" plume above its bill and two extremely long, ribbon-like white tail feathers. The female is a brown bird with an iridescent head.

What makes it distinctive?
The male ribbon-tailed astrapia has the longest tail feathers compared to its body size of any bird, over three times the length of its body.

How big it is?
The Ribbon-tailed astrapia is medium-sized, up to 32 cm long and has a white long tail that is over 1 meter long.

Where does it live?
The ribbon-tailed astrapia lives in the subalpine forests in western part of the central highlands of Papua New Guinea.

How does the male attract females?
He dances to show his tail feathers to the female.

What does it eat?
The ribbon-tailed astrapia uses its bill to eat berries, spiders, and frogs and other insects.

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