Wednesday, 24 June 2015


We had an exciting morning visiting Aeroscopia, the aviation museum near Blagnac.

The museum is a huge space filled with planes and helicopters including a Super Guppy! And there is a large collection of scale models.

For most of us, the most exciting thing was entering inside the concord and an Airbus A300B. The Concord was very long and narrow with tiny windows and a very small door, Mr. Gregg had to duck to go inside! Most of the inside space was full of machinery so we think that it was a test plane. Inside the A300B part of the floor was glass, so we could see through to the lower level where the luggage would be stored.
Here is a slide show of our fun day:

One of our activities was to sketch an MS760.
Here is a slide show of our wonderful sketches:

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