Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Burst at laugh with this story

This storry tells why I was not at school wednesday 10.6.2015 were I must !

One day my mum bought the incorrect fly tickets. The flight was for Wednesday not for  tuesday. and my mum was saying that it was for Tuesday. When we were getting our bording pass the women said ``are you sure that your flight is with Iberia?´´ (Iberia was the company that we went) we said yes then she gave us a doubtful look, then she said `` errm your flight is for tomorrow´´ then my mum looked at us with a surprised look.Ater a second me and my brother shoutet YES ONE DAY MORE WITH OUR FAMILLY (cause we were with our familly) BUT  we did not have a phone it was locked so we got a taxi BUT we did not have enough money (coins not bills) but we could pay with card so we were rescued by this taxi driver

So, thats why I was not at school at wednesday 10.6.2015

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