Sunday, 21 June 2015

Officially Amazing!

Sorry that I haven't done a blog post for a while, but so much has been happening.
For two nights, I went to the African Spirit Game Lodge, and I've seen loads of amazing things.
Here's what happened when I went there.
Within 5 minutes of arriving, we came across a mother cheetah with her cubs, which was amazing. But what was even more amazing, was that the mother had just chased and cornered an injured nyala, and was about to have it for her dinner. Here's a photo.                                                                                                    

The next day, we woke up really early, so that we could go on our game drive. We left the lodge at 6:30. Although the weather was sunny, it felt quite cold as we rode along in the open top game vehicle, because it is actually the middle of winter in South Africa.
The game drive
We saw 20 giraffes, including a baby :), warthogs, impala, nyala, and even some lions!
female lion
young male lion
We stopped in the middle of the bush and had a drink and some biscuits. I found some animal poo. Can you guess which animal it comes from?
Can you guess which animal made this poo?
We went on another game drive in the afternoon, where we saw rhinoceros and elephants, plus lots more giraffe, warthogs and buck. We tried to drive back along a dried up river bed, but got stuck behind the herd of elephants. They went really slowly and would not hurry up. It got dark and it became quite freaky, because you would never know if something would leap at you from behind, like a leopard, or a pack of lions.
white rhinos
mother  (left) one week old baby (center) teenager (right)
It was when we were driving back to the lodge in the dark, when Mum spotted the caracal.
Our ranger said that they can jump as high as a tree, and they catch birds out of the air.
I found it really beautiful and awesome.


  1. Hi Holly, I miss you!
    I really like the photograph of the cheetah.
    why did you took the poo, are you crazy??????!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah, why did you do that! Oh and lucky you !!!!!!
      I miss you!

  2. Well yes, that IS amazing, seeing all those animals, with the caracal to round it off! Thank you so much for sharing all this with us Holly!

  3. Hi , Holly i really miss you
    I like when you show the picture of the animals but i wasn 't happy when you picked the poo but i think it is an elephant or a cheetah poo.

  4. Oh, and I think meercat must have done that!

  5. I think it is from a lepard because it is small it
    can't be a elephant it is to small.A elephant it will be begger .

  6. Are you going to visit us???