Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hello from South Africa!

Hi everyone!
I am really REALLY missing you. I can`t stop thinking about you!!!
I've been having a really good time. But we've done lots of flying and driving.
Sunday night, I slept at a friends house. Her name is Simmi.
She has two dogs called Sam and Max, and she's also got two cats called James and Misty. Simmi is seven and she's got two big brothers (Tyler and Michael) and a big sister (Sherae).
Right now I'm at my Grandma's house. On Monday, me and Hayley made mud pies in the garden. I made a camera and Hayley made a family of chameleons. I am going to have lots of fun with my Grandma.
I wish you were here with me. :(/:) Well, look out for my next blog post! Bye!
If you want to E-mail me, here you go: holly "at" dougandkerry.net


  1. Hi Holly, I am missing you too. I wish you were here at IST. It is interesting to read about your new place and the people. Have lot of fun. All the best for the new school. In which school will you be studying?

  2. Holly, I'm so pleased you wrote a blog post for us! All the way down in South Africa! I'll show the class tomorrow!

  3. nice to ear ( hear) from you best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Holly I am missing you a lot. I hope you come back soon Larger. From your friend Sillyditi ! I wish you were still here in IST.

  5. I really, really, rreeaallllyyyy miss you!!
    I hope you come back :-)