Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wabi Sabi : Our Autumn Haiku

First we went on a Wabi Sabi walk outside.  Here are some of the everyday beautiful things we found:

We then created some haiku about 'Changes in Autumn':

Autumn leaves

Stones in the Autumn

Change colour with moss and dirt

Wet green, yellow, brown

By Lucia and Chloe


Autumn Is Here

Rain, rain, I love rain

It’s so cool, ants are walking

Rain oh rain, oh yeah!

By Vanisha


As rain drips off leaves

The pond’s ripples dent the sky

And the fish shimmer

By Angiolina


Green leaves turning brown

Flowers start growing outside

Moss grows over trees                       

By Glyn


Patterns in the stone

Some designs are split in half

Round, oval, smooth, sharp

By Imogen

When Autumn is here!

In Autumn moss grows

Small plants get wet in the rain

Then the sun comes out

By Macy


Insects in wet grass

Crawling to their damp dark nest

Grass changing colour.

By James


Stem looks like a worm

Old brown, yellow and pale green

Feels like a snail shell

By Javier


I’m the nature Queen

Leaves fading from the cool sky

It makes me feel good

By Kayla


Raindrops fall from leaves

Drip smoothly into puddles

Small ripples are made

By Leonie


Lines on the ferns stay

Plants veins I easily see

Colours fading fast
By Shriya

Yellow green mixes
A single yellow flower
Some thin yellow lines.
By Sebastian

Stem looks like a worm
Bright yellow and pale green
Like a snail’s shell
By Sebastian

Water reflections      
Wonderful old olive tree
I can see you there     
By Sofia

Green leaves rotting soon 
The leaves fall off the tree now
Autumn is coming
By Thomas

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  1. Kayla your Haiku puts a lovely picture in my mind .