Thursday, 9 October 2014


My dragon is an ender dragon,
He comes from far, far
In a moon stone island,

When he see’s enemies
He charges and bursts some
Poisonous purple ash,
He is as big as a blue whale.

His eyes are shiny like sapphires,
His wings are fluffier than a
Cat’s fur, at night when I sleep,
He always has an eye on the door,
So no nightmares can get
In my imagination at night.

My dragon likes to play minecraft in the day,
At night he is searching a mine for all type of minerals,
His name is Enderise
And he’s 25 years old,
His back is as pointy as a diamond sword
And he eats golden apples.

I love my dragon so much.

Tell me about your dragon.


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  2. That's a nice picture you did ALONSO!!!!!!

  3. I like the name of the island, its very creative!

  4. Thanks Gracia and Shriya for the comment! :D