Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Dragon

My dragon is a snow dragon
His eyes glow in the dark
He is made of white snow
His claws leave footprints in the snow.

My dragon eats fluffy white snowflakes
His teeth shine like diamonds
He curls up like a snake
He has a long tail
His tail is as long as a river.
My dragon lives in Antarctica
When he is angry he will freeze you
His breath is frozen solid ice
He loves to eat huge fish
And fluffy clouds

My dragon loves to play about
He loves to tell me stories 
He likes to tell jokes
He enjoys joke books
He reads to me
Together we ride around.

My dragon is always thinking
About his parents
Every night my dragon
Curls up around my pillow
His teeth are as sharp as a knife
His spine is all bumpy

When it rains he will go out
And will have some fun
If there was dragon school, he’d go to it!
My dragon is called Luke.

Tell me about your dragon.

By Leonie



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  2. I really like your poem Leonie!