Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Ice Fire Dragon

My dragon is an Ice Fire dragon
Her body’s colours are
From snowy white to creamy pink
And from creamy pink to blood red.

Her front legs are a greyish white
But her back legs are pinky red
Her tail is also greyish white
Her fins are also pinky red
And her eyes are jet black.

When it’s winter she keeps me warm
And when it is summer
She keeps me cool
But when the temperature is good
She sleeps under my bed on a clump of pillows.

She’s a very fussy eater
She only eats ice-cream
She likes to sit in the oven
And likes to lie down in the fridge.

We dance in the stars together
Doing loop-the-loops
She drops me and catches me
And it feels like I’m flying.

By Angiolina


  1. What a gorgeous poem Angiolina!! Mummy xx

  2. Amazing poem Angiolina!!!