Saturday, 7 February 2015

African golden cat

People kill animals, other people think it's cruel. Well, it is quite cruel but I don't really think that unless, they have a reason.I think without killing animals we couldn't survive.

This is the  endangered animal:

My animal is  the African golden cat,

We kill it for it's golden,soft fur.We also kill it because it transmits rabies.

                               WHAT CAN WE DO?     
                                WE CAN SIMPLY NOT CARE 
                                 ABOUT IT'S FUR AND DON'T GET CLOSE TO IT.

  The African wild cat is almost extinct.

                                            Here are some of his endangered cousins:
The Bengal Tigers,
The tiger with no stripes the most endangered feline,

And the...
                            WE MUST SAVE THEM!

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  1. Thank you Gracia - lots of information!
    (It does live in Africa!)