Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Swamp Tigers

There are about 300 to 500 Royal Bengal tigers living in the Sundarbans Mangroves in an area of 6000 square kilometres. This is an area in India and Bangladesh where three of the largest rivers in the world meet. It is the largest population of wild tigers in the world. Conservationists estimate that the tiger population now represents only 7% of the tiger population that existed 100 years ago. The tigers are endangered, meaning that they a nearly extinct. In the last 10 years 45% of its habitat has been taken over by people. The tigers are dying by poachers and having trouble finding food. A 300-member police force are protecting the wildlife in the Sunderbans.
This is a swamp tiger.
This a footprint of a swamp tiger.

This a film made by BBC about the swamp tigers.

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