Saturday, 21 February 2015

Amazing winter in Andorra!

In my holidays I went to Andorra to ski and have fun.
The first thing we did was going to ride the husky sledge, it was very fun because at a moment they go really fast but the majority of the time they don’t listen and behave bad but it was fun anyways!

Then I went to ski and that was also very fun, I skied with a very nice Chilean teacher called Gloria and she taught me how to ski very well so we took a ski lift for arriving to the blue track and it was very, very long so at the end we arrived to went into a hotel igloo which was amazing because inside there was a mini bar, a comfy bed and seats, so you can eat and the best thing was the sculptures made of snow and ice, I couldn’t take pictures because I didn’t go with my dad or with my mum but I was with Gloria and she didn’t have a camera neither but it was amazing.

Another day I found big creatures and also a wolf but I was not scared!

At the end we did the sledge and that was also very fun! Actually everything was fun in Andorra!


  1. A great post, Alonso! You did a lot of things!
    Isn't that a fine thing, that you found a Chilean instructor in Andora!
    Is that you falling off the sledge?

  2. I ones went to Andora with my grand parents I had as much fun as you.I had lots of fun.