Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Orange Puzzle

A farmer was going from Valencia to Paris in a van with 3 sacks full of 30 oranges in each sack.  
The farmer had to pass 30 tollgates to get to Paris. 
In each tollgate he had to give 1 orange per sack of oranges, as toll fee.

How many oranges did he have when he reached Paris?


  1. I like this puzzle Shriya, because you have to follow the farmer carefully on his journey. I hope he had some other reason for visiting Paris than just selling oranges though!

  2. When he reached Paris he has no oranges. The Valencia´s oranges are so yummy¡¡.

    1. I don't think it's as simple as this Lucia! (The puzzle, not how tasty Valencia oranges are!)
      The reason I say this is that after a certain number of oranges have been paid, three sacks aren't needed any more. There would be just two sacks, and less to pay. Try again! :-)

    2. You are correct Mr Gregg :-)
      I wanted to give a clue that the farmer finally carries some oranges to Paris. how. So, the answer is not 0.

  3. Well done for trying Lucia. I had to think carefully about this one. I wonder if anyone has worked it out yet? Good puzzle Shriya.

  4. When he arrived to Paris, he has 1 orange