Friday, 13 February 2015

My super cool Holidays!

 In this holidays I have done super cool things. I went to Cerler in Huesca for skying and there was the best part. I skied but that was not the best thing. The best part was that I ride a sled of Huskies!!!. There were eight dogs pulling the sled. They were very nervous for running in snow and they were playing eating snow. One of the dogs while pulling  the sled she lie down and Jaime the owner stopped to tell it "come on Miberia" and suddenly she started to run again. Billy Joe was a young dog (only 1 year old) that wasn't running and Jaime decided to change it. (Click  Here if you would like know more about the Huskies). Jaime told me that the most intelligent dogs were in front of the others, its names are Lobo and Sena.
It has been my second year that I go there. Last year I went with Andres and Marcos but this year I have gone with my family but there we met Julia and her family.
The last day it started to snow and there was a lot of fog, it was amazing!!


  1. Looks like your having some fun Javier

  2. Looks like you have had a lot of fun through the holidays and those huskies where cute.