Thursday, 26 February 2015

Making a carton for a litre of fruit juice #1

We're making tropical fruit juice this Friday. We also want to try designing and making a carton that could hold a litre of the juice.

Mr King who teaches technology in Secondary is going to help us. He has a laser cutter that will cut our cartons. Here it is, cutting a cube:

So, we did a little work to get us used to cuboids. What lengths would a cuboid of 24 cm be?
We came up with a number of answers:
We had a go at creating a net for one of these:
And we created some other nets for cuboids.

Now, it was time to think about our litre of juice. 1 litre is 1000 milliltres. Or you can say 1000 cm. We needed to multiply three numbers together to make a bit more than 1000

We used the calculator to try and find three numbers that would do that:
And chose the ones that we wanted for our carton.
Here's a slideshow of images:

To be continued...   #2 laser cutting our cuboiids

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