Thursday, 30 April 2015

Can You Solve It?

Justus brought in a book Can You Solve These? with lots of tricky maths questions. Here's one:

We used an online tool to try it out. (link) We made this:

We think it will carry on forever.
We also think that there are twice as many triangles as squares.
That's strange! An infinite number of squares, but twice as many triangles.

Can you... click on the link, and continue the pattern?


  1. Hi.. I agree, that your pattern can go on forever and that the ration of squares to triangles is 4:8, or, like you said, twice as many triangles as squares. I think this is called a tessellating pattern. I've isolated what I think is that base shape, and, yup, I can make it go on forever. I'll post it on Twitter in the morning. If you want to pick the colors that you see it in let me know. (now I'm just trying to show off).
    What a great pattern you've made!

  2. Thank you Paula!
    That's a good idea, to get the basic pattern.
    If you make it for us, can we have orange and green like this? (Great that we can choose colours!) We coloured in Justus' book question those colours because those are the colours of the pattern blocks.

    I was intrigued by the pattern in the book too. We didn't think there were two triangles for every one square in this. What do you think?