Saturday, 25 April 2015

Lammy's Fantastic Holiday in Thailand

Sawadeekha everybody,

Lammy and I  were very excited because we were nearly in Thailand

Look Lammy tried to pull my carry on bag.
But she couldn't manage because she was too

In the departure lounge Lammy  helped me read my book

On the plane it was a  long time, 12 hours from Amsterdam to Bangkok. Luckily I packed  some things to do in the plane:
- Teddy's
- Book
- Toy's
-  DS, iPod
- Colouring Book ,Pen's
- Cushion

My trip was safe and fun I mostly watched the TV and slept.

This lady is doing the wai and saying
sawadeekha.She is saying hello but in

When we arived in Thailand it was nearly Songkran. Songkran is a water festival to celebrate the new year. And they say Sawadee Pi Mai, which means Happy New Year!!!

After that we went at a Vietnamese restaurant Lammy realy liked it with all the plants these are the pictures.Hope you like them.

We also went to a Japanese retaurant .These are some of the pictures.

Do you know what Lammy is drinking?
It's WATERMELON JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!

Lammy is eating beans.

 We had a lot of good food!!
We also went at a restaurant called Rossano which is an Italian restaurant.


This is the mascot of the restaurant.
These are some pictures of  Lammy in the skytrain. The skytrain is like a metro, but it is not under the ground.

And we visited the Grand Palace. This is where the kings and queens of Thailand used to live. There is a lot of gold! There was aplace where the throne was but sadly we could not take pictures. The Royal family (the king, the queen, the three princesses and the prince) do not still live here.


  1. Lovely pictures Chloe! Looks like you and Lammy had a great time!

  2. Lammy has had a great adventure!! how lucky.