Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My wonderful weekend in Paris

Friday 10th April

I left school early, to go to Paris, as most of you might know.
I`m going to carry on the story of me going to Paris...

After I said goodbye to everyone, I got in the car, and headed off to Paris.
On the way, I saw some Graffiti on the walls, and that gave me some ideas, so I made my own in my little book. Here are some of them:

After the 6 hour drive, me and my family went to find, our hotel, which was just outside Paris.
In the hotel, there were 6 floors. We stayed on the 5th floor, room 522.

Saturday 11th April

In the morning, we went and had our breakfast in the restaurant that was under the hotel.
After that, we went and got my mums race number for her marathon.
Then, we went into Paris and we saw the eiffel tower, and we went on a boat trip along the river, Seinne.

When we finished the boat trip, we went and checked in at our next hotel.

Sunday 12th April

Sunday was the day of my mums marathon. There were 56,000 other people running the marathon as well. After 2 hours, me, my dad, and my sister went up the eiffel tower for the 1st time!

Here are some pictures we took up there:

Finally, my mum finished her marathon! Well done Mum.

Monday 13th April

On Monday, on the way home, we stopped off at Palace De Versaille for a wander around the gardens. Unfortunately, the palace was closed, but we enjoyed the gardens never-the-less.
Here are some photos we took:

Look how small I am compared to the tree!


  1. What a busy weekend, Holly!

    Those Eiffel Tower pictures make me feel a bit dizzy!

  2. In what place did your mum go in?

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  4. I once went to Paris and I loved it, I also went to the boat trip and I did see the Eiffel tower but I didn't went to the top, I really like your pictures, the next time I'll try to go up the tower. Did you feel dizzy?