Tuesday, 28 April 2015


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So about the country I decried to do Malaysia because its full of fun and even games.

First I am going to show you the Malaysia flag:

We celebrate culture tourism day that's on 16th September, that's where we celebrate 1 Malaysia day and were people dance and shoot fireworks and is my favourite thing to do.Image result for malaysian culture tourismImage result for malaysian culture tourism

And we also celebrate "Hari Raya" and we give money to the people that do fasting for the kids every June and July.

 Image result for hari raya malaysia      And next I'm  going to show you the big kites called Wau of Malaysia - it is really important.
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These are not just a kites - it is a different shapes and full of decoration and people also made the kites.

And I am going to how show you a old traditional game that Malaysia people played:
This is called "Congkak"and it made with wood and we played along time ago and now I have played this game at Malaysia and it plays with seeds, rocks and marbles and it has different shapes.

It was really interesting that I told about Malaysia even I enjoy writing and reading back.

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  1. Malaysia looks so colourful and exciting! Great post Alya.