Sunday, 26 April 2015

My model Blagnac airport

An airport is a place where planes arrive or depart.  People go to board a plane or enter into a city by plane. 

Every major city has an airport.  The busiest airport in the world is in Geneva, Switzerland, in Wikipedia.  Other busy airports are Atlanta in USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, Chicago, and London. 

Airports also have,
- Airlines (Lufthansa, Easy jet and Emirate etc)
- Banks
- Shops

During my holidays me and my father built a small model airport as a holiday project.

We bought,
-1 Canvas drawing board
-A few toy cars
And some other things.

We also used some things in our home like, 
-Some used tissue boxes
-A toy plane
-A kitchen roll inside
-A broken helicopter

After that we drew a design of the Airport on the drawing board, we painted the roads, car parks, run-way, and then stuck the above things on the board with glue.   We put the kitchen roll as a control tower and stuck the helicopter wings as a radar scanner. 

We printed the Blagnac airport logo and stuck on the boxes.  Now my small Blagnac airport model was finished.

I enjoyed making our airport model!!!!!!!!


  1. That's brilliant, Shriya! What a fantastic model!

    1. And now that I've seen the real thing too, I'm even more impressed!

    2. Thank you Mr Gregg. It was fun making this model from a blank drawing board.

  2. A lot of hard work - we enjoyed seeing it. Your explanations were well thought out and delivered. Fantastic work Shriya. Well done.

  3. It's amazing .I've never seen something like that.I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Cristina. I am happy you liked it a lot.