Friday, 24 April 2015

My adventure to Cap decouverte in Albi

During the holidays I went with some friends to a place called Cap decouverte. It was really fun but it was a bit of a shame because half of the parc was closed and also we couldn't go to the paintball because it said it was for people higher than 1m50 but it wasn't true because then my friend's brother and his friend went to see and then it said it was for people higher than 1m35, so it was too late but it didn't matter. The first thing we did was a game where you jump from a high place and then you land in a big, big inflatable cushion.

Here I'm about to jump from the small game and I felt nervous. (When you look from down it looks small but when you are on top you see that it is a really big jump).

After we went in a game where you go from tree to tree with a cable because otherwise you fall and get injured. It was quite hard but I made it!

In this level I have to jump from platform to platform, it wasn't so difficult but it was still hard.

Then it was time, time to jump from the big platform, not the small one but the big one!
So I did it, but it was freakier than anything! It's higher than TWO lamposts!!!!
Then I did it again because I was brave. Then me and my friend did some BMX, but that was a little  bit boring and hard. After I wanted to do some minigolf but it was too late, then we went to have a fresh drink and then we went home. It was really fun and I enjoyed a lot!

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  1. That sounds like a brilliant day out, even without the paintball, Alonso!