Friday, 12 December 2014

Clock Flowers

We've been looking at time on analogue and digital clocks this week in Year 4, so we also did some clock counting, where, like the minutes on a clock, once you get to 59 you go back to zero again. It's a kind of round number line.

We looked at different sizes of jumps you could have going round the clock. The jumps look like petals on a flower, so we called them clock flowers. We all chose different sizes of jumps, drew them out, and then had a look to see...
What do I notice?
Mr Gregg asked Justus if his line would visit every mark around the clock. Justus saw from the vertical pattern in what he'd drawn that all the numbers would be included.
That's some great noticing!
Here's a slideshow of some of our work:

(If you'd like to have a go, here's a link to the Word document we used.)

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