Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Hectic Day

Today a cousin in India called us and told me that he had a social test. He is my age and we went to the same school in Bangalore. I was just recollecting how my school day in Bangalore would've been.

My father would wake me up at 7 AM and give me a bath. My school van would come at 7:30 AM and within that time, I had to take a shower, get ready, drink milk and have my breakfast. I would reach school by 8 and until 8:30 was playtime for us. The assembly would begin at 8:30 for which we were all made to stand in a line and chant the prayer, after which we were taken to our respective classrooms.

During this time in the year, our tests would be going on. So as soon as we got to our classrooms, we were asked to get our pencil pouches out and ready to begin the test. The teacher would hand out to each of us a question paper with 20 questions in it along with a ruled sheet of paper to write our answers in. We were given exactly half an hour to finish the test.

After the test, we would have a snacks break of 15 minutes. My friends and I would finish our snacks as soon as we possibly could and then rushed out to the field to play. We would go back to our classes again once the bell rang. In a day, we would have 8 periods a day, 40 minutes each. Our main subjects included math, science, social science, English and Hindi. Physical education, computer science, mindspark and music were a few among the others. For each subject, we had a different teacher and a different textbook. I want to talk a little more about mindspark. It was a math tool similar to that of mymaths. It consisted of a lot of chapters and a variety of questions in each chapter. It would also give the solutions to the questions that we answered.

In a week, we had 2 worksheets for each subject and in one academic year, we had 5 tests. My day in school would end at 3 PM and I would come home at 3:40 with a lot of homework to do and a science test to prepare for the next day. When my day ended, I would come back home to my mother waiting at the door with a stick wanting to know how I did in my tests and what I should do for the next day's test. And to top it all off, I also had my table tennis coaching from 4:30 - 8:30! I would reach home at 9 from my coaching class, which was pretty far from where I lived. I would come home tired and exhausted, eat something and get back to finishing my homework again! Then my father would come, we would all have dinner. And then I would trouble my sister until she ran into her room and locked it. After all that, we would all finally sleep after a long, hectic day!

Did I like it? Yes, I liked my school, I liked my subjects except Hindi ( I hated Hindi and never understood how to make a proper sentence till the end!!), I liked the competition, I loved my math teacher who always gave me interesting problems, I liked cricket, I liked my friends, I loved playing under the shadow of huge trees in our school AND I loved my house in Bangalore.

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  1. Thank you so much, Samyak, for taking the time to write this great post! It's really interesting for me as your teacher to read about what your day was like in Bangalore!