Sunday, 14 December 2014

Exciting Sunday!

This morning Telmo, Vega and their parents came home for a brunch because we were going to go to the Airbus Christmas party. My mum decided to have a brunch because the Airbus party started when we usually have lunch in the weekends. After the brunch, we played minecraft and lego Star Wars because Telmo loves it. Meanwhile, my sister and Vega played 'Just Dance' with the Wii. We all played until we had to leave to the the Airbus party.

When we got to the party, we found Gustavo and Miguel in the parking lot… I was happy to see them but they suddenly disappeared with David and their parents. After leaving the cars, we walked until we found some fun fair games: spinning rockets & crushing cars. Out of these two games, I preferred the crushing cars because you were in a small car in a big track, and it was very fun to drive forward and backwards crushing into other similar cars. I really enjoyed it because Mateo, who I met right before, was also driving and we were very good at it. This was the first time i've ever been in a crushing car animation. I played twice, the first time, I struggled because I could not go forward when I wanted. However, the second time I became the master and I could really hit my targets (Mateo!)

Around three o'clock we all went inside the 'Zenit Auditorium' where the main part of the party was, which consisted on a Magic show. The theme was about a man pretending to be Jules Verne while he was doing magic tricks (making people smaller, transporting people from one place to another, elevating people, chopping them though they were still alive, etc). The majority of us found it a bit boring because they always did the same magic tricks. My sister, for instance, disliked it so much, that she didn't go to the second half, and instead, she stayed outside with dad making hand made crafts.

When the show ended, we all grouped together and each family went home.

Overall, it was a nice way to finish the weekend. Just one more week until Christmas! Next weekend I shall be flying to España! :-)

Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Sounds like you had fun, despite the slightly boring magic show! Thank you for sharing it with us on the blog! I always find those bumper cars hard to control, especially when you get jammed into someone and you're trying to reverse. Great fun though!

  2. What a write-up Rod! I really enjoyed reading it. I am glad you had lots of fun and met up with friends too. Hope you also have a great Christmas!