Sunday, 7 December 2014

How many lego pieces in Red Knight aircraft?

Do you know how many lego pieces in this Lego Red Knight aircraft?
Make your estimate in the comments, then watch the films. Or click here to see a picture of the answer.


  1. 34 is my estimate. 10 is small. 40 is big.

  2. Jaime, this is a great post! Well done!

    I changed the first picture to show the whole aeroplane, because I thought it gave away too much information. I've kept it as something you get to by clicking.

  3. I think that 30 is to small and 50 is to big so 40 is my estimate

  4. A super idea! A shame you had to destroy your plane to do it! Did you rebuild it? Hope so.

  5. 11 = small
    45 = big
    21 or 35 = estimate