Friday, 19 December 2014

Let the holidays begin... with snowflakes!

Well done everyone for a great autumn term! Thank you everyone, parents and students, for all your kind words and gifts to us teachers! The holidays!

If you feel like blogging a bit during the holidays, do! It would be great to hear from you!

I'll post something now. I've just seen another online way to make snowflakes - perhaps better than the one we've used before!

It's called Paper Snowflake (although of course it's not). It looks a bit like this:
You click the corners of shapes you create - in the right hand blue rectangle - that's the folded-up one, then click "Make Snowflake" on the right hand side.
It's got the look of a paper snowflake - but without any trees needing to be cut down! Have a try!

Thanks to Malke Rosenfeld for showing me this!


  1. I've been trying this, and it turns out that it is better than make a flake!