Monday, 19 January 2015

Black panther

Black Panther
I’ve always loved this place,
I love to leap about, catching frogs,
But not eating them,
For I know they are poisonous,
But it is still fun.

When I first came to this magical world,
My mother taught me how to,
Leap, swim and sneak up on animals,
Whilst my father went hunting,
I’ve always wanted to go with him.

Now I am older,
I have the joy of having young,
And often I go hunting,
Whilst my husband deals with the young.

Sometimes, when I go hunting,
I like to sneak up on my prey,
Spying it until I am sure it is resting,
Then pounce, sinking my jaws into it,
Hear it squealing, until it is gone.

When the hunt is over,
I bring it back to the young,
And providing food for all the family,
Having a piece myself.

You must be afraid of me,
But also not forget,
The sweet, gentle self I was,

When I was young.

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