Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Opérations Pièces Jaunes

During the last 2 weeks we collected money for " Pièces jaunes ".
The operation Pièces Jaunes aims at improving the life of the hospitalized children and teenagers.
- To move closer families to the hospital => development of 2 477 rooms mother-child, construction of 48 houses of the parents …
- To develop the knowledge and the leisure activities
=> Financing of 181 projects of school equipment, creation of 353 playing areas, 594 rooms of entertainment …
- To fight against pain
=> Financing of 1 127 pumps of analgesia checked since 1989 …
- To improve the comfort in the hospital => 496 projects of decoration were financed in the last 25 years.
- To help teenagers
in pain => Creation of 60 houses for teenagers in 22 regions of France.

Today was the important moment of handover.

Thanks to you we were able to collect  :

5,4 kg of coins 

€ 147,63

What collective success !!!

Huge thank you to you all !


  1. This was a great idea Noémie. Thank you for organising it and taking all the money in. Well done.

  2. Wow, Noémie. That's brilliant. Well done you for organising it. I still have some coins in my drawer - maybe I should keep them for next year?! Mrs Hall

  3. Well done Noémie! :-)