Monday, 19 January 2015

A Camouflaged Chameleon

Swaying through the green grass,
Staring at you with his big eyes,
Is a chameleon.

When I was younger I scurried,
From one place to another,
I always kept myself
Camouflaged wherever I went.

Now I am older I stay on
The ground, eating leaves on the
Wet, humid mud.

Sometimes I dart from tree to tree,
But most of the time I
Scamper in the grass.

When my predator is chasing me
I go in the grass and
Camouflage myself so
Nobody can see me.

Most of the time I keep
My eyes on the watch so I
Can see what is happening.

And I also keep my ears open
So I can hear if he is close
To water so he can drink.

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