Monday, 19 January 2015

Harry Potter

I started reading the Harry Potter series of books for the first time.
Now, I am reading the first one which is "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone".

In this story, Harry Potter had to live with his aunt Petunia, uncle Vermont and cousin brother Dudley since he was a baby.  They did not really like to have him.  

Then, for the first time, he goes to the school Hogwards. 
In his first term of the school, he makes new friends (also enemies), learns magic and plays a game called Quiddich (Quiddich is a game flying on a broom and catching the snitch and Harry wins).
Here he starts to get into some trouble, which he thinks is because of Professor Snape and Voldemort.   The story is very interesting and I am not able to stop reading to know what will happen next!

Have any of you read the Harry Potter books?


  1. Yes Shriya I have read Harry Potter , in fact I've read all the books in the series! I highly recommend them ! Have you seen the films? My mum would'nt let me see the film until I read the book.

    1. Best to read the books first, I agree! Which did you like best, books or films, Angiolina?

    2. Yes Angiolina, I have seen the fims but only up to part 7.

  2. I have read the deathly hallows

  3. I read all the books and seen all the films and they're awesome!