Monday, 19 January 2015

Amazing Parrot

I always had lived here,

Looking at the sun,

Flying in the air,

Smelling tasty food,

And smelling the tremor,

I am safe in the sky,

Sometimes I hear,
Animals growling,
River shivering,
Waterfall sliding,
Birds and parrots squeaking,
And bees buzzing,
When I smell something,
I dive into rainforest,
And see lots of my favourite food,
With my long beck I cracked the coco,
Sometimes I like eating nuts,
When I go up in the sky,
I see the shinning sun,
And not the cold rain,
When there is the sun,
I circle around it,

When its raining I dive into the rainforest,

And have my nuts in my house,
When I go up I look down and see,
Huge ,medium and small trees,
Gigantic sliding waterfall,
Long ,small plants,
And animals looking for food,
Lots of animals hunt for me,
Special snakes,
They coiled up in the trees to get me,
Or hide in plants to get me,
But nothing can get me,
Like I can fly,

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