Tuesday, 6 January 2015


I have two cats, Tisha and Tziggy. Tziggy is just a kitten, a ginger and white male. Tziggy disappeared this Christmas. I looked for him everywhere, outside, in all the rooms of the house, in the basement. But for a whole day he wasn't there. 

Normally, except in the really cold weather, he stays outside. Normally he stands on his back legs and meows when he's hungry, which is about five times a day. So I wondered if he had gone off wandering, or been adopted by another family, or maybe even been on the road and got run over!

Every day I go down into the basement three or four times to get some logs up for the fire. So I was fairly sure that Tziggy wasn't hiding in a corner of the basement. But after about two days, I could smell a catty smell in the basement, so I wandered round looking. 

And there was Tziggy, lying in a comfortable place in a corner! He seemed quite happy there. But he must have been hungry. I carried him out and gave him some food straight away!


  1. Once my cat disappeared for four days and came on the fifth day

    1. Really? Where had it been, Leonie?