Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My Winter Break Vacation

We did not do the usual thing of visiting a place during this winter break. We decided to stay in Toulouse. In fact we wanted to visit some places but as my dad said he has a problem with this passport, we decided to stay in France. He also said there is no point to travel anywhere in France as it was cold and Toulouse is more warmer than other places.

We still had a good time in the break. We did Christmas shopping for all of us in the family, My dad bought a new tablet, my mom bought some clothes, me and my sister bought some toys that we long wanted and some clothes as well.

My day always wondered whether he bought the new tablet for himself or for me and my sister. We loaded plenty of new games in the tablet (like minion rush, subway surfers, temple run, mr crab, pitfall) and started playing.

The other thing that I did during the break was to improve on my language skills. I read some books on French.

My father got to see me do some creative looming when he got me the rainbow loom set. I made some chains, bracelets, Christmas stockings, and so on. I had a good company with me, as my friend Aaryaa from year 6 joined me in this activity.

I long wanted to learn the "hoola hoop". Thanks to my dad, I bought a hoola hoop and also learnt to do the swings. I tried to teach my sister as well, but she did not try as she was not comfortable with it. She will perhaps learn this later.

I thought we may not have a good vacation but we really had a relaxing and exciting one.

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