Sunday, 11 January 2015

The perfect Holidays

One of the things I do in my spare time is go in my computer and play some Minecraft, in Minecraft I sometimes play in servers and play some Hunger Games. Hunger Games is a game where you start in a little hole and when everyone is ready the holes lift and you have got to go in the middle and in the middle there are chests, and in the chests there is all kind of stuff like a stone sword, diamond boots, golden apples, golden armour, diamond armour, and lots of other things. So when you’ve got all the things you can go to another place to find other chests or go and kill other players and if you have killed all the players you are the winner. But when I can’t connect to servers I go in singleplayer and explode things with TNT, I explode things like sand temples, villages, mountains, or sometimes I build things out of TNT and then explode them. The morning of Christmas I was super mega excited because I couldn’t wait until I open my presents; But then it was the time to see but first we had to see if the reindeer's ate the carrots and also if Santa ate the biscuits and drank the milk. Then we went to see if the presents were there. When I saw the presents I was as happy as a clown. This is what I got for Christmas:
  • A Samsung tablet.
  • The lego golden dragon with the golden ninja.
  • A guitar.
  • A lego city.
  • 2 transformers 4 that change from car to robot 
That is what I got for Christmas.
Then we celebrated 2015 and then that's it, that's the end.

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