Friday, 16 January 2015


I am big, strong
A fierce mammal…
I blend into trees
And I camouflage
Like a snake.
I jump like a kangaroo
And I pounce on my pray.
I’m 30 times more intelligent than a dolphin
Or a dog.
Even a T-rex wouldn’t dare to get close.
The other day,
I saw a snake next to me,
He tried to bite, but he failed.
Yesterday, a tapir found me,
He was terrified!
Soon he hid
My vision is good,
So he died.
When I was younger,
I was faster,
My brothers and I
Clung on branches,
Piggy-backed on monkeys
And listened to rain drops.
Mum and I watched snakes hanging on
I love the rain forest!

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