Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Hoopoe in my garden!

On Saturday night, I looked out into my garden and saw a beautiful bird with lovely black spots with a pink tinge, it had a long thin nose and a strange spotted plumage on it's head.
We took a picture and looked it up in our garden bird book. It turns out that this is a very rare bird that usually lives in Britain but can be found in the South of France during nesting times. This bird is called a 'Hoopoe' I have put a picture of this bird in my blog and also the actual picture of the bird we saw in my garden.


  1. Good research Rose. I get these birds in my garden too.

  2. Yes, thank you for this post, Rose! I see it in my garden sometimes, but more often I hear it in the woods going woo-woo-woo. It only arrived a few weeks ago - it spends the winter in Africa, and I love hearing it for the first time!

    (I've put it's call into your blog post.)

  3. This bird looks really nice I love the sounds Mr.Gregg added.I heard a bird in
    my garden it sounded like one.