Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Antelope Canyon

I want to see a lot of places in the world. But first, I want to see the Antelope Canyon in Arizona, USA. 

The Antelope Canyon is a canyon formed by flooding of water flowing through the rock and also wind erosion. Over time, the paths and the rocks wearied away, making them deeper and smooth edged. This has formed the flowing shapes in the rock. These flowing rocks look beautiful to me. 

I want to go there because it is very beautiful to see. I also want to see how the earth looks like. I have always been seeing roads and footpaths, this will be a different experience. I love taking photos and the Antelope Canyon looks amazing. So I want to go there and take lots of photos.

I have also never visited Arizona before, so I can also visit the Grand Canyon and the petrified forest there. Also, I can visit my cousin who stays in USA!   

Using the Great Circle Mapper, I saw that there is a direct flight from Toulouse to the closest airport near the Antelope Canyon which is the airport in Page, Arizona. 

I can't wait to go to the Antelope Canyon! I wish I get a chance to go there soon! 

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