Friday, 1 May 2015

My trip to Hawaii

I would like to go once in my life to Hawaii. It is a tropical place, always sunny and has its own volcano.

In order to get to Hawaii I would buy an airplane ticket, because it is an island in the middle of the pacific ocean, far away from any land . I would have to fly from Toulouse to Amsterdam (Netherlands), from Amsterdam to Los Angeles (USA) and finally from Los Angeles to Honolulu (Hawaii). Therefore, I would be in three different countries and two different continents; the trip will take 36 hours, from which  half of them I would be in airplanes and the other half in airports. I would need 2,281 Euros to go there and come back.

One of the reasons why I want to go to Hawaii is the lights at night. You can see the reflection in the ocean.

Another reason is the colors in the sky and the amazing beaches.

The typical movie from Hawaii is Lilo and Stitch from Walt Disney.
The reason why I learned about this extraordinary place is because of my friend's grandparents, they lived there.


  1. You've certainly picked a place that needs a long journey, Cristina!

    1. I like the map a lot. Where did you get that from?

    2. You go to google, and type "Map my flight". Choose the option "Great circle mapper".I choose this one because I like the picture and it tells the distance.

    3. Thank you! I'm trying that now!

    4. ... and yes, it worked!

  2. Super research about the journey and the money and flights involved.
    You're right, the ocean at sunset looks fantastic - I can imagine the gentle splashing of the water breaking on the shore right now!