Saturday, 9 May 2015

My airport´s adventure

I´m going to tell you the different steps that I followed in my last travel to Toulouse from Madrid by airplane.

1. I went to the airport, in my case to Madrid Barajas airport
Do you know there are hundreds of airport´s around the world???
My favorite airport is Barajas in Madrid because the roof is like a worm and columns are colorful. Look the picture

2. I Checked if my flight is on time ( sometimes the flights are delayed or cancelled, take care!!)

3. I went to the airline check-in desk to show my passport, put the bags in the bascule and take my
Boarding pass  ( flight details, seat number, boarding gate and times for boarding on time )

4. I passed the security control, where all my things were scanned.

5. As usual I went duty free shops for buying magazine and chewing gum, before the flight.

6. At 18:35 h, I went to the boarding gate number 32.

7. I seated in 15F close to Emergency Exit where my boarding pass shows me, fastened my seat belt, read the safety rules and enjoyed the flight with my sister Irene.

8. After 1h I arrived to Toulouse Blagnac Airport YES!!!

9. I picked up my bag and GO HOME!!

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  1. Thank you Lucia, what a lot of great detail!