Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sydney, Australia

I want to go to see Australia because it has a lot of attractions, particularly to Sydney.

I first came to know about Sydney from the movie Finding Nemo.   In this movie, Nemo is taken away from the Great Barrier Reef (in the Coral sea near Queensland, Australia), to Sydney.  Nemo’s dad Marlin and his friend Dory travel to Sydney to find Nemo.   Sydney’s the Opera house was shown in this movie, which I liked very much.

In Sydney I really want to go to the kangaroo parks.  Kangaroos and Koalas are the main animals in Sydney.

Sydney is the capital of southern Wales in Australia.  It is normally sunny in Sydney though sometimes there are big storms. 

I checked in the Tourism sites, about all popular destinations in Sydney including:  the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Watsons Bay, Sydney Tower, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Royal National Park, the Australian Museum,  the Queen Victoria Building, Taronga Zoo, Bondi Beach, the Blue Mountains, and Sydney Olympic Park.

I found out a connecting flight from Toulouse to London and directly to Sydney by Qantas Airlines.  This means, I have to depart from the Blagnac Airport, will reach to London Heathrow Airport. Then will arrive at Sydney Airport.

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  1. With so much to see and do (and with a LONG journey) you would have to go for a few weeks to fit everything in. I would love to go too. Good choice of destination.