Sunday, 3 May 2015

Maldives. My paradise destination

The Maldives island are in the Indian Ocean (south of India). There are nearly 1,200 different islands!!! If you look in the map, you will see a tiny place in the middle of the sea. look for in Maps....


There are some interesting and rare animals to see, such us: Huge whale shark and smooth stingray, amazing scorpionfish, beautiful sea turtles, dolphins and more than 1, 100 species of fish due to Coral reefs. The color´s water is clear turquoise blue. 
You can practice some water sports like: Fishing, snorkel and dive under the water with the fishes.
Other interesting things to do is to visit a deserted island and walk alone in the beach ( Although, I prefer with my family and friends)
The last and most interesting thing that impress me is that:
This beach is like seeing stars in the ocean!!!!!!!!
There are millions os tiny luminescent microorganism called Phytoplankton.
Ver rare and incredible. Isn´t it?

I would like to visit it right now. 


  1. This is also on my long list of places to go. I agree, the plankton creates an amazing sight - not to be missed. Snorkeling in the warm Indian Ocean sounds like a good plan too! When can we go?

  2. Next trip, can we go all year 4 ???????